Dingfeng Capacitor - - Common capacitor accuracy problems

Mar 16,2020

Capacitor accuracy mostly refers to the tolerance range of capacity. Why does the accuracy of capacitors exist? This is because the produced capacitor always has a certain error with the originally specified capacity.


Common capacitor accuracy


The common accuracy of the capacitor is generally ± 5% / ± 10% / ± 20%. The reason for determining the accuracy of a capacitor depends mainly on the customer's budget and requirements. If there are not too special requirements, it will generally be produced according to its own conventional precision. If the customer has special requirements, then capacitor manufacturers will use different raw materials to produce more accurate capacitors. Therefore, when selecting the accuracy of the capacitor, it is generally determined by referring to the current range that the circuit board of the product needs to bear.


In addition to the special requirements of customers, the accuracy of capacitors also depends on whether capacitor manufacturers can make such high-precision capacitors. There are many capacitors on the market with a large error range, posing as high-precision capacitors. Therefore, when selecting high-precision capacitors, you can first let the capacitor manufacturer provide some samples to pass the test, and then try to get small batches of trial production. After no problem at all, mass production began. If you still don't know how to choose the accuracy of the capacitor, you can consult us.



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