DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - Development Status of Metallized Film Capacitors

Mar 28,2020

Development Status of Metallized Film Capacitors in China: Since the advent of hand-produced metallized film capacitors in the 1960s, China's metallized capacitors have roughly gone through three stages of development.


In the 1980s, taking advantage of the overproduction of color TVs, it completed the introduction of technical transformation from manual operations to stand-alone automation.


In the 1990s, the technical transformation of miniaturization (winding type and metalized laminated type) of metal film capacitors was completed with the short, small, light, and thin electronic equipment.


Since the beginning of this century, in order to meet the reliability requirements of the entire electronic machine, it has undergone a technical transformation focusing on safety capacitors.


In recent years, metallized film capacitors have ushered in the fourth stage of development, mainly joint-stock system and private investment.


Advantages of metallized film capacitors: metallized polyester film winding, non-inductive structure epoxy resin encapsulation, CP wire unidirectional lead-out has good self-healing performance, high insulation resistance, and stable capacitance. It is suitable for DC and pulsating circuits, and is widely used in filtering, DC blocking, bypassing, coupling and noise reduction of various electronic appliances and electrical equipment.


The capability of the metal film capacitor to withstand ripple current can reach ten to dozens of times the rated ripple current of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor with the same capacity. In order to achieve higher current resistance, aluminum electrolytic capacitors usually use larger capacity to meet the requirements. Larger capacity is an unnecessary waste of cost and installation space. Therefore, metallized film capacitors are in great demand in the market.




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