DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - The company purchased more than 10,000 masks to give Italian customers

Apr 1,2020

Italy is currently the most severely affected country in Europe. As of 9:00 on April 1, the cumulative number of confirmed pneumonia cases in Italy was 105,792 (second only to the United States). Cumulative deaths totaled 12,428 cases (the cumulative death toll in Italy has already accounted for the highest in the world. Italy also has the highest mortality rate in the world). A total of 15,729 cases have been cured in Italy, and the number of cures has increased slowly every day. Severe cases continue to grow. There were 77635 cases and 4023 severe cases.


Facing such a severe epidemic, the company purchased more than 10,000 masks to give to Italian customers.


COVID-19 broke out worldwide. Facing this disaster, we need to work together globally.




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