DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - How to configure the capacitance of single-phase motor

Apr 10,2020

The capacitance of a general single-phase motor is designed according to the power of the motor. For example, the starting capacitance of a 1 kW dual-value capacitor motor is between 100-200UF, and the running capacitance is about 30UF.


1. Single-phase motor generally refers to a small-power single-phase asynchronous motor powered by a single-phase AC power supply (AC220V). This type of motor usually has two-phase windings on the stator, and the rotor is a common squirrel-cage type. The distribution of the two-phase windings on the stator and the different power supply conditions can produce different starting characteristics and operating characteristics.


2. In general, in a single-phase capacitor starting motor, the capacitance of the series capacitor in the starting winding is doubled, the starting torque can only be increased by 50%, and the starting current is increased by 200%. In a single-phase capacitor-operated motor, when the capacitance capacity is increased by 2 times, the starting torque can be increased by nearly 2 times, but the efficiency of the motor will be reduced by 50%.


3. This will make the motor almost unable to drive the original load. If the power is continued, the motor will be overloaded for a long time and the winding will be burned. When replacing the starting and running capacitors, it is best to use the same capacitors with the original configuration parameters.



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