DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - Connection method and starting method of starting capacitor of single-phase motor

Apr 14,2020

The start of the motor requires certain accessories, that is, the capacitor. Without the start capacitor, the motor cannot start normally. The capacitance required by different motors is naturally different. For the starting capacitor of single-phase motor, its application and sales in the market are very popular.


The so-called single-phase motor generally refers to a small-power single-phase asynchronous motor powered by a single-phase AC power supply. There are two kinds of such capacitor connection methods. The first is that the single-phase motor starting capacitor is not connected to the centrifugal switch in the starting circuit. The starting winding and capacitor not only work at the start, but also at run time. This can improve the power factor and efficiency of the motor. Therefore, the performance of this motor is better than the capacitor starter motor.


The second is to connect the centrifugal switch in the starting circuit. This connection method is generally used in places with large and unstable loads such as air compressors, cutting machines, and woodworking machines.


There are two ways to start capacitors for single-phase motors. First of all, the first type is split-phase starting. The auxiliary starting winding assists starting, and its starting torque is not large. The running speed remains roughly constant. Mainly used in electric fans, washing machines and other motors. The second type is that the centrifugal switch is turned on when the motor is stationary, and the starting capacitor participates in the starting work after power is supplied. When the rotor speed reaches 70% to 80% of the rated value, the centrifugal switch will automatically trip. The starting capacitor completes the task and is disconnected. The starting winding does not participate in the running work, and the motor continues to operate with the running winding coil.


Here I would like to remind everyone that the connection method can not be ignored, this is a crucial link.




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