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May 12,2020

Capacitors are electronic components that store energy. For different needs, the size of the capacity to be selected is different. Can be simply understood as capacity is energy. There is a certain calculation method for the conversion of how much energy it can form. So what are the calculation methods of capacitance energy?


There is a certain formula for calculating the energy stored in a capacitor. Many people have a great interest in converting the electrical energy stored in capacitors into other forms of energy. Here are the relevant preliminary knowledge points:


Calculation of electric energy: E = Q * U. E-electric energy, unit: Joule (J); Q-power, unit: Coulomb (C); U-voltage, unit: Volt (V). Commonly used calculation transformation: E = Q * U = I * t * UI-current, ampere (A); t-time, second (s).


Definition and understanding of capacitor capacity: Take water container as an example. The generation of water pressure is related to the water level. The water level is related to the water volume. But water volume and water level are not the only corresponding relationship. The water pressure generated by a bucket and a drinking cup containing ten centimeters of water is the same, but obviously the amount of water is different. The same is true for capacitors. Therefore, people stipulate that the relationship between the amount of power Q (unit: c) required to increase the voltage U (unit: V) across a capacitor plate is 1 volt is called the capacity C of the capacitor, and its unit is farad (F). Therefore, C = Q / U. Here C represents the name of capacitance, and Coulomb C represents the unit. 1 coulomb = 1 amp * second. Converted to the commonly used ampere-hour concept of rechargeable batteries: 1 coulomb = 1 ampere * seconds = 1/3600 ampere hours


Capacitor energy storage calculation formula: Since the voltage and power of the capacitor are a pair of interacting physical quantities, the formula for calculating the energy when the voltage is constant cannot be directly applied. Finally, the calculation formula for the energy storage of the capacitor is Ec = 1 / 2CU ^ 2.


Example: Try to find the energy of a charged high-voltage capacitor with a voltage of 230V and a capacity of 200μF. Ec = (0.0002 * 230 * 230) /2=5.29 Joules.


These are the calculation formulas of capacitor energy. According to this formula, the amount of energy that can be converted can be accurately calculated. In this way, a suitable capacitor can be selected according to the actual energy demand.


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