DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - Measuring method of film capacitance

May 15,2020

In the process of using capacitance, we must pay attention to grasp the measurement method of capacitance. This is the key to identifying good or bad capacitors. So, what are the methods for measuring film capacitance? Using scientific methods to measure capacitance is the key to ensuring the safety and life of capacitors.


First, you can use a multimeter to test the capacitance. The method is to use resistance gear. Practice has proved that the charging process of the capacitor can also be observed using a digital multimeter. This is actually a discrete digital quantity to reflect the change of charging voltage. Let the measurement rate of the digital multimeter be n times / second. Then during the observation of the charging process of the capacitor, you can see n independent readings that increase in sequence every second.


The following introduces the method of detecting the capacitor using the resistance of the digital multimeter. It is of practical value for the instrument without capacitance. This method is suitable for measuring large-capacity capacitors from 0.1 μF to several thousand microfarads. Dial the digital multimeter to the appropriate resistance, and the red and black test pens respectively contact the two poles of the capacitor Cx under test. At this time, the display value will gradually increase from "000" until the overflow symbol "1" is displayed. If “000” is always displayed, it means the internal short circuit of the capacitor; if it always displays overflow, it is possible that the internal pole of the capacitor is open. It may also be that the selected resistance file is inappropriate. When checking the electrolytic capacitors, it is necessary to pay attention to that the red test lead (positively charged) is connected to the positive electrode of the capacitor, and the black test lead is connected to the negative electrode of the capacitor.


The measurement of film capacitance is crucial. Buying capacitors not only needs to pay attention to various parameters, the most important thing is to know how to measure and understand whether it is damaged. This is the most important detail in the use of capacitors.


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