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Jun 23,2020

The safety protection performance of the CBB capacitor, after the capacitor is charged, the power supply is closed, and the charge in the CBB capacitor can still be stored for a long time. This charge is sufficient to cause electric shock or damage the connected equipment. A throw-away camera bright module is charged by a 1.5V AA dry battery, which seems safe, but the capacitor in between can be charged to 300V, and the electric shock caused by the voltage of 300V will cause people to be very painful and even killed. Capacitor supplier


Many capacitors have a low equivalent series resistance (ESR), so a large current will occur during a short circuit. Before repairing equipment with large CBB capacitors, it must be acknowledged that the CBB capacitors are now discharged. For safety reasons, all large capacitors need to be discharged before assembly. If it is a capacitor placed on the substrate, a bleeder resistor can be connected in parallel next to the capacitor. In normal operation, the leakage current of the bleeder resistor is small and will not affect other circuits. When the power is off, the bleeder resistor can provide a way to discharge the capacitor. High-voltage large capacitors need to short-circuit their terminals during storage to ensure that their stored charges have been discharged, because if the capacitor is suddenly discharged when the capacitor is installed, the generated voltage can be a risk.


Large old-fashioned oil-immersed capacitors contain poly-chlorinated biphenyl, so they must be disposed of properly when they are thrown away. If not properly disposed of, PCBs will enter the groundwater and contaminate drinking water. Polychlorinated biphenyls are carcinogens, and trace amounts can affect the human body. If the size of the capacitor is large, the risk is greater and the need for extra caution. PCBs are no longer contained in new electronic parts.


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