DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - The advantages and application scope of CBB capacitors

Jun 27,2020

CBB capacitors use a metal foil as an electrode, which is overlapped with polypropylene film from both ends and wound into a cylindrical structure. The principle is the same as that of polyester capacitors. It has no polarity, high insulation resistance, and excellent frequency characteristics ( Wide frequency response), and the medium loss is very small.


CBB capacitors mainly have the following advantages: extremely low loss; low dielectric absorption coefficient; high insulation resistance; good frequency characteristics; excellent self-healing and high stability.

CBB capacitors have low loss, strong moisture resistance, excellent electrical performance, good reliability, large capacity, long service life and good self-healing performance. It replaces most polystyrene or mica capacitors and is used in circuits with higher requirements.


Applications: high frequency pulse occasions, AC occasions, high stability timing occasions, temperature compensation circuits, switching power supply systems and color TV industry, lighting LED circuits, filtering, bypass, coupling and other circuits.


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