Main technical parameter
Working Temperature Range: 40-70℃ 
Rated Voltage Range: 200-500Vac  
Rated Capacitor Range:  1-40MFD    
Dissipation Factor:  Tan<0.002(50Hz) 
Rated Tolerance of capacitance: ±5%
Withstand voltage: intensity Pole-pole Rate voltage×2/10s                           
Pole-Shell ×2+1000V Min2000V.AC Insulation resistance T-T RC>4000S                                                                                                                        
Reference standard:EN 60252                                                                         
Motor run capacitors features
▷None induction winding structure of metallic polypropylene membrance.
Use square plastic lid for sealing for resin for sealing.

▷With its good self-healing characteristic,long-life span and high proportionality,
it is widely used as the start--up and running capacitor.That is specially for electric
fan,air-conditioner,electric water pump andelectric motor etc.,

▷With frequency 50/60Hz,voltage 250VAC,and can help motors start ang run.

▷It can continuously operate under rated conditions