Dingfeng Capacitor--6 points of attention when storing and using aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Sep 13,2018

1. During operation of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the voltage applied to the terminal of the capacitor must not exceed the rated working voltage. Doing so can damage the capacitor and even cause a short circuit and an open flame.

2. During operation of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the ripple current applied to the capacitor must bewithin the allowable range. If it is overloaded, it will cause the capacitor to overheat, the machine will be damaged or even cause an open flame.

3, aluminum electrolytic capacitors must be used within the allowable range of operating temperature, working at a suitable temperature can extend the service life.

4. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors should be stored in normal temperature and non-acidic, non-alkaline normal humidity environment.

5. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors encounter water, salt water, oil and other conductive liquids can cause malfunctions.Capacitors should be avoided in a liquid environment and should be wiped cleanand dried before use.

6. Do not place or use aluminum electrolytic capacitors in places where ozone, ultraviolet light or radiation is irradiated.


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